I am just a problem solver living in Westchester, NY with my wife and twin girls. When not washing dishes, fixing broken Barbie dolls or getting the kids ready for school/camp I talk to businesses about strategy and innovation. You can see what I think about on the Intelligent Catalyst blog.

I am also Founder/Principal of the Intelligist Group and some time Director of Strategy and Business Development at Starlight Runner Entertainment.

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  1. Hi Alan, Joe form Livefyre here! I had planned on stopping by your site to welcome you to the team, but now I’m excited to talk to you about Westchester. I was born and raised in Ossining, which is where my parents still live today. Small world.

    If you ever have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me directly or just email support [at] livefyre [dot] com. Cheers!

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