History Lessons

They say those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. Cleaning out my office I ran across this June 2000 copy of Alley Cat News


with this great ad by a high-flying Dot.com law firm (now defunct as well).

Alley Cat News Ad - June 2000

As Silicon Alley experiences a rebirth and we move into the Social Media Bubble, take a look at some of the Dot bomb leaders. How many of today’s high flyers will still be around 10 years from now?

Thanks, But… Retweets Revisited

Let’s be honest here: we are all flattered when someone chooses to tweet or retweet our content. It tells us someone thought it was not only good enough to read, but good enough to share. It’s part of the Twitterverse dynamic.

I suppose I like being thanked for retweeting someone’s content. It’s nice, but very often it happens as part of a bulk “thank you.” What follows is a series of still more TY tweets saying the equivalent of “you’re welcome” that I have to work my way through because the thank-ers included the whole list of thank-ees. Does that whole process feel as hollow for you as it does for me?

There is an old SEO saying that “the Internet hates dead ends.” A “thank you” alone is, to a certain extent, a dead end. A one-way acknowledgement. So I propose an alternative:

What if we stop thanking people for retweets or mentions on Twitter?

Instead, try to find their content to promote or retweet. Yeah, I know it takes a little extra effort, but doesn’t it make more sense? Isn’t the ultimate goal of social media to make connections and engage more? Who’s with me?