Tao Of The Auto-Correct

I recently made the following statement across most of my social networks:

Confession: I often type a word knowing full well it’s spelled incorrectly but try to get it close enough so spellcheck will figure it out

While many of the responses were commiseration, I got an amazing response from Shivi Isman, good friend and a strategic communication consultant:

Isn’t that how most of us go about life in general? Trying to do our best knowing full well it’s not perfect but settle for “close enough” hoping things will somehow fix themselves and it will all turn good?

Doesn’t that sum it up? If that weren’t enough, she followed it up with this gem:

Well, the flip side of this – also, just like life in general, is all these times you try hard to spell something right, and the stupid auto correct makes a mess out of it…

So there you have it. The Tao of the Auto-Correct.

History Lessons

They say those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. Cleaning out my office I ran across this June 2000 copy of Alley Cat News


with this great ad by a high-flying Dot.com law firm (now defunct as well).

Alley Cat News Ad - June 2000

As Silicon Alley experiences a rebirth and we move into the Social Media Bubble, take a look at some of the Dot bomb leaders. How many of today’s high flyers will still be around 10 years from now?